Paint the Peninsula Week: Information for Participating Artists


Paint the Peninsula Week
is a group art show / sale with proceeds shared between the artists and the library. The show is not juried and anyone over the age of 15 may register and participate.

This year, things are a little different.  Artists will have a week (July 2nd – 9th) to complete their painting(s) within a 6-hour time period.  The artwork will be displayed in the library for in-person viewing and also on an online auction website where bids can be placed from July 19th to July 24th. Bidding will take place solely on the auction site.

Approximately 80% of the submitted works typically sell during the event. Artists set their own minimum bid price and designate a percentage to donate to the library as a charitable donation which is tax deductible to the full extent allowed by the law. Most artists donate 50% of the sale price or more.

You may paint anywhere on the Blue Hill Peninsula, including Orland, Surry and Deer Isle.

We ask that you paint between July 2nd and July 9th within a 6-hour time period.

Artists may produce up to two works during that time limit, only one of which will be displayed in the library. Both works will be available for bidding and viewing on the online auction site. The artist decides which piece will be displayed at the library.

Although most artists choose to paint outside, you may paint inside your house, including views from your window, still lifes, portraits or abstract works.  This year, we are asking that your paintings be no larger than 20 x 20”, including any mat or frame, if you choose to do that.

Work will be displayed on small easels on the top of bookshelves so it is very important to keep the edges of your canvas free of paint. A stiff backing (board or foam core, simply attached) should be included for works on paper for display purposes.

We use an honor system and require that you create your piece(s) within a six-hour window between July 2nd and July 9th.

PLEASE BRING YOUR FINISHED WORK TO THE LIBRARY between 10:00am and 3:00 pm ON SATURDAY, JULY 10 (rain date, July 11). We MUST have all works at the library by 3:00 pm in order to photograph and carefully store the works prior to installation. No late submissions, please.

We are using the online auction site, Auctria, where all bidding will take place. Each artwork will be photographed at the library. A high-resolution image will be displayed on the auction site along with information about the artist, artwork, and the minimum bid price.

All artists who wish to participate in the event must register online in advance by Wednesday, June 30th. IMPORTANT NOTE: Registration will shut down prior to June 30th if 90 participants have registered. Because of display restrictions no more than 90 artists can participate this year.

You will be asked to give a brief statement about yourself during the online registration process. While it is optional, it is a fantastic way for bidders to get to know you in the absence of an in-person event. It is also an opportunity to provide a link to websites or social media accounts that highlight your other work.


If you have any questions about registration, please contact Leda Beth Gray, Development and Communications Coordinator, email: or phone: 207-374-5505, ext. 16.

CHECK-IN OF COMPLETED ARTWORK (July 10th, Rain date, July 11th):
Artwork must be delivered to the library between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm on July 10th (rain date, July 11th).

You will be asked to provide us with a title, medium, the location where you painted, your chosen opening bid, and percentage you will share with the library.

This will also be the time to be certain that we have your personal statement, should you choose to include that for our auction site.

Please be aware that volunteers are not able to recommend minimum bid prices. Opening bids generally range from $50 up to $750.  Most are between $75 – $300.

The artwork will be displayed and available to view at the library from July 19th until July 24th during library hours. During this time, library patrons can view the works in person as well as online at the Auctria auction site. The link to the auction site can be found on the BHPL website.

The library produces an event guide with bidding instructions, a list of all participating artists and acknowledgment of all event sponsors. Your painting will be clearly labeled with your name, both at the library and online.

Please understand that the mounting of this show is very complicated, requires many volunteers, and will be done in such a way as to not infringe upon the day-to-day functioning of the library. Every effort is made to display the work in a coherent, respectful manner.  We are unable to rearrange the artwork.

Please do not place business cards next to your paintings but you may include web links in your statement that you complete during the online registration process. This will be displayed on the Auctria site.

The online auction catalog will be organized by room, to mirror the physical installation of artwork at the library. Any second paintings which are not on display at the library will be placed in the same digital “room” as your first painting.

Works not sold during the week will remain at the library for sale at their opening bid price until the end of the last week in July. Artists are free to take unsold works home at any time.

Artists will be sent a check within three weeks of their artwork being picked up and paid for by the winning bidder. The percentage you choose to donate to the library at check-in registration will be deducted from the final sale price, and you will receive a donor acknowledgement letter for tax purposes.  We will also send you the name and address of the person who purchased your work, if we have it.

Thank you ahead of time to all participating artists  for creating new work and for your generous contributions to BHPL.  We are excited for the return of Paint the Peninsula!