Blue Hill Public Library Guidelines for Donated Books and Other Materials


Thank you for your interest in donating items to the Friends of the Blue Hill Public Library’s used book sale

We welcome donations of books and other materials that can be sold in the Book Nook or added to the library collection if appropriate.

Proceeds from book sales help support programs and events for adults and children and other library needs.

Donations may include:

* Hardcover, paperback, and audio books( fiction and non-fiction) for children and adults

* Undamaged/unscratched CDs and DVDs, complete working sets of DVDs, and LP records

* Antique books and Antique or classic magazine editions

All items donated must be clean and in good condition or betterItems that are in poor unsellable condition or for which there is no market create a hardship for our book sale volunteers and a financial burden for the library.

Please do NOT bring:

*Books with physical damage including mold, mildew, musty smell, water or other stains, brown pages, broken or badly creased spines, torn pages, or writing or highlighting inside.

* Used coloring or puzzle books

* Encyclopedia or other multi volume sets (Time Life series, etc.)

* Textbooks, health or medical books, computer technology or other reference books more than 3 years old

* Old calendars

* Computer software

* Travel guides more than 2 years old

Please drop donations off at the library’s circulation desk only.

To inquire about exceptions, or to arrange for large donations, please email