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Pride Recommendations, #3

Hi Everyone! I’m back with my third and final list of Pride reading recommendations. I’m little sad to be at the end of Pride already, but I’ve really been enjoying these weeks of compiling lists to share with you all. I hope you all have been enjoying this as much as I have. This week… Read more »

Pride Recommendations, #2

Hi everyone! I’m back with more book recommendations to celebrate PRIDE. I’m finding it difficult to narrow my lists down with so many great books available featuring LGBTQ+, but I managed and have seven more titles to share with you this week. The plan was for six, but I have a lot of strong feelings… Read more »

Pride Recommendations, #1

Happy Pride everyone! It probably seems difficult to think about celebrating Pride in the current climate, but I think it’s important to acknowledge and honor in these times. It’s still okay for the LGBTQ+ community to observe this time and celebrate themselves; the celebrating may just be slightly more subdued than normal, or may involve… Read more »