Holly Bertrand

calendar icon December 1, 2023 - January 31, 2024

After retiring from a forty year Art teaching career, Holly Bertrand of Blue Hill spends her days hiking the Blue Hill peninsula collecting natural objects to incorporate into her sculpture projects.  The base of her sculptures consist of recycled materials and paper-mache.  once the base is completed the surface textures consisting of tree lichen, feathers, pinecone pieces and seed pods are applied.

Holly’s cigar box dioramas and bespoke books are mixed media pieces consisting of a collection of original paintings, prints and recycled materials/ephemera.

Many of Holly’s books and shadow boxes were created while working with a group of talented local women Book artists who have encouraged and inspired one another for the past twenty-two years.

Relief printmaking is also one of Holly’s favorite mediums. The images are carved into soft rubber blocks then printed on recycled papers.