Exhibit: Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls

calendar icon May 1, 2017 - June 30, 2017

The Blue Hill Public Library will have a new exhibit in the children’s Larchwood case in May and June: Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls from the collection of Susan Stone Edwardson, mother of Youth Services Librarian Libby Edwardson. Nancy Ann dolls were made by Nancy Ann Abbott from her home starting in the late 1930’s and she became a successful company CEO in the ‘40’s. The dolls were made of fired ceramic initially but in 1948, the company made the switch to plastic and manufacturing continued into the 1960’s. The dolls were made in series to encourage collecting, some with storybook names such as Little Red Riding Hood, and some with names of months or seasons.

Susan began collecting the dolls as a child in the 1940’s when she would receive them as gifts for birthdays and special occasions. She continued to collect them until she went to college, even keeping their original signature polka dot boxes.

The exhibit will be available for viewing during regular library hours through the end of April. For more information call Libby at 374-5515.